Learn to Swim Levels
These classes are for our school aged children and are a very popular part of our programme.  
These classes run Monday to Friday from 3.30 to 6pm and Saturday morning’s from 8am to 12.30pm.
Duration of the class is 30 minutes.
Cost per lesson is $22 payable by the term*
Class ratio 1:5
The Salmon introduces our school age swimmer to the first level of swimming education.  Water safety and basic swimming skills are developed, with the focus on front streamlines, under the supervision of our qualified instructors.
With the foundation of swimming and safety skills now in place, our swimmers are introduced to basic freestyle, basic backstroke, back streamlines and diving.  Kicking and arm coordination and back streamlines are the main focus in this level.
Now that the coordination is in place and our swimmers are becoming stronger, we fine tune bilateral breathing technique in freestyle.  Backstroke coordination is developed and fine tuned. Diving is advanced and basic tumble turn skills are introduced.
Duration is 30 minutes
Ratio is 1:7
Class works over 25 metres.
The class builds our swimmers’ stamina, refines their freestyle and backstroke and introduces breaststroke kick, the racing dive and tumble turns.
Cost per lesson is $22 payable by the term.*
Stroke Correction
All strokes are introduced and endurance and good form are the focus in these levels. 
Duration is 45 minutes
Ratio is 1:8
Class works over 25 metres.
Our swimmers gain advanced stroke correction and continue to build on their stamina at this level.  They are introduced to butterfly, with the focus on the kick, and breaststroke is brought together with the focus on timing, pullouts and turns.  Elements of racing are refined e.g. starts and turns
Cost per lesson is $22 payable by the term*
Duration is 1 hour 
Ratio is 1:8
Class works over 25 metres.
Butterfly is refined and continual stroke correction is given whilst building our swimmers’ endurance. Individual Medley skills will be introduced   Marlin children swim around 1.25km per session.
Cost per lesson is $22. Discounts apply for more than 1 session per week.*
Duration from 1 hours to 1.5 hours.
Cost $23 per session.  An additional Squad session is $15 per 2nd session.
Squads are our senior level of the Swim School.  We offer 2 levels of Squad to suit all types of squad swimmers.  Swimmers will swim between 2kms and 4kms per session depending on the squad level. Swimmers must be capable of doing all four competitive strokes, turns and dives.

Make-up Lesson Policy of our Swim School

A reminder that make up lessons are only available if;
1)  You have provided us with a minimum of 24 hours prior notice that you have a swimmer who cannot make their normal scheduled lesson.
2) Full payment of fees.
As always, if you have a swimmer that falls ill on the day of their lesson we will provide a make-up lesson if we sight a Doctor’s certificate.
Make-up lessons are subject to availability and must be taken in the same term as the lesson was missed. Should you miss your scheduled make-up lesson you will forfeit the lesson.
* Term 4, 2023 Pricing