These classes build bone density when your feet lose contact with the floor in a mixture of high and low impact exercises. 
Get your boost of energy and a serious dose of awesome! This fun and energetic calorie-burning dance fitness party combines Latin and World rhythms and will make you feel amazing!
Feel the music and just let go! Dance to this super fun and upbeat mix of salsa, merengue, samba and reggaeton as you sweat it out in this easy-to-follow class. 
SHAPE ‘N’ BURN:             
Tone your upper body and get your heart rate up with hand weight work and light choreographed moves!
Sweat out your Saturday morning to bumping tunes! Designed to improve your coordination and cardio  fitness, you’ll be taken through a fun choreographed routine. Low-high impact options!
Get fighting fit! This high-energy, martial-arts inspired, non-contact workout will challenge you to punch, kick, and strike your way to fitness.
U-JAM FITNESS:             
Get  your heart rate up, your  body  moving, and  work  up  a  sweat,  all while having FUN! This athletic urban dance fitness workout unites funky world beats with easy-to-follow choreography.
BOXING FITNESS:             
Put on your boxing gloves, grab your place at a boxing bag, and get ready to fight it out in this mix of circuit, freestyle boxing rounds, and bodyweight training. Work your core, increase your cardio fitness, improve hand-eye coordination, and sharpen those reflexes! 
Work on the health AND skill components of your fitness in this challenging workout! Move through a series of stations designed to improve cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance, power, and speed. No choreography, just hard work! 
HIIT EDGE:               
Boost your metabolism with this high intensity interval training circuit! Designed to increase functional strength, conditioning and cardio fitness using a variety of movements and work/rest periods, you’ll get your total body workout in just 45 minutes!