You’ll EITHER be in the pool, standing, sitting, or lying down for these classes.
Energise your body and focus on your breathing, mobility, and flexibility during complete head-to-toe stretch. Finishing with relaxation, you will leave this class feeling mindful and peaceful. 
Connect the body, mind, and spirit in this gentle class. Combining soft flowing movements with held postures, this class improves your breathing, balance, mobility, flexibility, and body awareness. You will leave feeling refreshed! 
Grab your aqua buddies and have fun during this simple and gentle full-body workout ideal for first-timers, seniors, or those rehabilitating from injury. 
If you can breathe, you can do yoga! Through controlled breathing, postures, and meditation, this class promotes mental, physical and spiritual awareness. Learn to listen to your body and to practice self-reflection and kindness. Leave feeling peaceful and self-aware. 
AQUA MIX:             
Get in our heated pool and get ready to improve your cardio, strength, and mobility with this energising mix of all aqua styles. 
Improve your posture, balance, flexibility, pelvic floor and core stabilising strength in this principal-driven full-body workout. Learn how to activate your breathing and muscles to improve mind and body awareness.
IYENGAR YOGA:             
Work towards overcoming imbalances and restrictions by focusing on pose alignment & precision in this practical yet therapeutic class. You will be encouraged to become a true student of yoga by replacing unconscious habits and patterns with positive & deliberate ones instead – a physical & mental challenge!
AQUA POWER:               
Put on your swimmers and get ready for this high-energy workout! This class will challenge you to get your heart-rate up for improved cardio fitness, use the water as resistance to build strength, and improve your overall fitness as you work non-stop!