Any current families can refer a friend to our Babies and Preschoolers swimming classes and if they sign up you get 2 weeks free!


You will also be entered into the above competition to win a Free Term.


Offers closes 21 February at 5pm.


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We offer classes for our bubs from 6 months of age up to the age of 3. 
These classes run from Monday and Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 12.30pm.  
Either a parent or carer needs to get in the water with their baby for the class.

- Monday and Friday at 11am class only
- Thursday at 12noon

$21 per lesson      
We offer two levels of baby classes:                             
Water Babies
This class is for our younger babies aged from 6 to 18 months.  Through songs and games the emphasis is on educating both the baby and carer in all aspects of water safety and familiarisation in a fun and safe environment.
Aqua Babies
These classes are for our babies aged between 18 and 36 months.  Again parents or carers share the fun.  Water confidence and elementary swimming skills are put in place and the swimmer is prepared for the move to our preschool classes.
Preschool Levels
We offer classes for our pre-school children from 3 to 5 years.  
Duration of the class is 30 minutes.

Preschool level currently run Mon, Thursday, Friday from 11am to 12pm . Saturday 8am to 12pm
$21 per lesson paid per term
1.4 ratio

These lessons introduce your pre-schooler to their first lesson without a parent or carer in the water.  Whilst the emphasis is again on safety and survival skills we start to develop their swimming with the aim to make them independent in an aquatic environment, swim over short distances and return safely to the side and exit unaided.
This class is for the more advanced preschoolers where we introduce “big arms” and elementary backstroke skills whilst continuing to develop their swimming over greater distances.  Preschool level currently run Mon, Thursday, Friday from 11am to 12pm . Saturday 8am to 12pm 
$21 per lesson paid per term
1.4 ratio