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GYM Update – 31st July 2020

Fitness Edge Members,

We hope members have been enjoying being back at the centre over the last seven weeks. It has been a different platform due to restrictions, but we continue to work at growing our offering in the centre back to where we were before the effects of Covid. We continue to monitor the situation so that we can make informed decisions about the operations to ensure compliance with the authorities, as well do our best to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members.


As of tomorrow, there have been some changes required to gyms. This includes staffing, cleaning, and responsibilities to ensure we are Covid Safe. At The Fitness Edge we have always promoted our major asset and difference in being able to operate 24 hours and having staff on duty to monitor the safety and wellbeing of our members at all times. This is due to the centre being part of the club offering that operates at all times. Moving forward, we advise members that at this time, with these and additional measures, we are able to continue to operate 24,hours a day. This will include security personnel monitoring access, safety and compliance in the centre, with Covid marshals patrolling the centre at all times of operation to ensure compliance and all cleaning measures in place, as well further added cleaning above and beyond that required, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members at all times.


It has been great to get Group Fitness Classes up and running for our members. However, with restrictions it has been difficult to manage restricted numbers and additional cleaning measures that have been required to be implemented. In the last month, we have made small changes to increase class numbers and duration in an effort to continue to build up the offering again to meet members’ needs. We thank members for their understanding and apologise for the unfortunate limitation on class numbers and requirements around bookings.

As of Monday 3rd August, we will have some further changes and additions to the timetable, following member feedback and requests. These include: 

  • NEW Tuesday 9am BODYPUMP TECHNIQUE with Monique – need a technique refresher?
  • This new class will be combined with the 9.30am BODYPUMP class on our booking system.
  • Booking and ticket required as normal, however attendance at BODYPUMP TECHNIQUE is optional and there won’t be any penalties for non-attendance.
  • For safety reasons, technique class attendees are requested to remain for the 9.30am class.
  • NEW Tuesday 1.45pm FIT N’ WELL with Deb
  • NEW Wednesday 6.50pm AQUA POWER with Jo
  • NEW Friday 8am AQUA POWER with Rose
  • WELCOME BACK Friday 12.15pm HIIT (STUDIO) will now be BOXING with Rob – NOTE: Members will be required to bring your own gloves
  • WELCOME BACK Saturday 11am PILATES with Mavis
  • SAY GOODBYE to Sunday 9am ZUMBA for now

We will again continue to review and monitor Group Fitness and assure members we are doing our best to build the offering around members’ needs.

Finally, we take the opportunity again to thank members for your patience and understanding around the changes that have come into our centre. We do our best to ensure we maintain a safe and welcoming centre, as well as implement ways in our efforts to manage the changes and restrictions.

We understand this is not one size fits all around recent changes on bookings for Group Fitness classes and requirements for members when attending, but we are confident that, in time, we will look to build our product to meet all needs and expectations; this will only add to our offering for members in providing more options on member benefits and communications across the board.

Thank you for the ongoing support and we hope to continue to provide a great fitness offering for our members and community.


Carl Pozzato

Chief Executive OfficerUpdate: 15 June


Dear Member

As we advised members last week, we have received the great news that gyms will be able to open once again. For the Fitness Edge this is great news for our members and staff, and we look forward to your visiting the centre as of 5.30am Monday 15th June.

Over the last few weeks much work has gone into preparing for the reopening. This has included a detailed deep clean of the facilities to ensure that everything is as clean as a whistle for our members and staff. Also, we have spent time working with management, as well as external cleaning specialists, to make sure all products used throughout the centre are compliant with regulations to ensure the safest possible environment. Finally, we have developed new procedures and policies on how we clean the centre and how we provide equipment and resources to our members that ensures the cleanest and safest fitness facility.

These measures have all been put in place to make sure that you are confident you are returning to a safe and welcoming environment.

Due to the situation of the last few months we have focussed on how things were done in the past and what needs to change for the future. We also took the opportunity to look at ways to improve the customer experience in all areas. Please read through the details below details, so you are familiar with the Fitness Edge operation prior to our welcoming you back to the centre.

All Memberships and Passes were put on hold when the centre closed. As at 15 June, we will reinstate all members to pick up where they left off when the centre closed in March. This will include the restart of memberships so that members have the lost time restored for their benefit.

As a BONUS, we will add an extra week free to all memberships. This will either be added to the expiry date of term memberships or will be discounted from the next direct debit run for members. Hopefully, this will make for the first week becoming an easier transition and an enjoyable return.

Members are reminded about current government restrictions. This includes a maximum of 100 people in the centre at any given time, as well as maximum of 20 people in any Group Fitness Class, as announced by the government last night. These measures will continue to change over the coming weeks and months, and we will adapt accordingly to make sure we deliver our full offering to members in a safe and comfortable environment.

Centre Operations and Trading
During this time, we ask members to keep in mind peak times and, where possible, spread out their visits. The centre will continue to operate 24 hours per day for members’ usage. We have maximised the spacing of equipment, and with the luxury of a large centre we remain confident that we will be able to accommodate all restrictions while delivering an optimum offering for members. Currently, there is no restriction on members’ training time; however, we will monitor this to ensure fairness for all members. Again, this is an advantage of a larger centre.



To assist with the restrictions, we will prioritise current members. This means no casual visits until restrictions are either lifted or we are confident that we can accommodate more members at all times. Throughout this time new memberships may be purchased, and renewals processed.

Member Experience and Visits
Visiting the gym again, members will find that a few things have changed. Firstly, members will need to swipe their card or tag their wristband at reception. This is designed to remove touch points and speed up the entry process. Members attending group fitness classes will attend the kiosk to collect their class ticket (see below for details on Group Fitness).

Also, for hygiene reasons and for the safety of all staff and members, wristbands will not be loaned until further notice. Many members will be able to use their own wristband to scan before using the lockers.

For any member wishing to use a locker they may purchase a wristband for $10 at reception. This is half-price during and will enable members to access the club carpark, gym entry, lockers, and clock in.

We also ask that members respect fellow gym members and follow social distancing rules in all areas. Members may not gather at reception and we request that when they have signed in to move swiftly to their area of training. Conditions of Entry When the facility re-opens, we are required to provide clear guidelines and conditions of entry. We ask members to comply with all conditions before and during their visit.

Conditions of Entry may be found Here

Key conditions include that no members attend the facility if they are showing signs of being unwell. Members must use a towel at all times and clean any equipment used, before and after use.

Lockers and Change Rooms
During staffed hours, change rooms and lockers will be open to members. Due to social distancing, these will be restricted in numbers, including fewer lockers and reduced shower access.

We encourage members to arrive at the Fitness Edge dressed to train and, where possible, change and shower at home after completing training.

During this time, we request cashless payments only. We have developed our new online gateway for members that will assist with organising any payment prior to attendance.



Restrictions limit the number of participants to 20 per class. This has been increased from 10 overnight. Classes in the Group Fitness Studio will be 20 and Spin classes 10. Although our area can accommodate more attendees, we are governed by the NSW Government and Health on the current restrictions. We are hopeful the numbers will increase very soon, with the government talking about numbers soon increasing back to full-opening levels.

Our focus in this area is selection and safety to make sure there are classes for members and that we have time to clean in between classes to provide a safe environment.

We will commence with 35 different classes on the new timetable and plan to increase this when able. This will include indoor and some outdoor classes, the times reduced to 30-45 minutes, but again, as we move forward, this will build to meet member demand while providing a safe area for classes.

Click Here for the new Timetable

Online Bookings for Group Fitness
Due to current restrictions, members please note that all Group Fitness Classes MUST be booked online prior to attending. This is the same as our current outdoor classes, but shortly we will launch our new Members’ Access Area for all bookings and cancellations. Once booked, members may then swipe at the kiosk to obtain their entry ticket up to 5 minutes prior, to hold their spot.

Members, it is important to note that with social distancing measures in place, members must arrive a maximum of 15 minutes prior to their class and must not gather at gym reception. Also, members are asked to vacate the facility after classes to ensure we manage member numbers during this time and enable clear passage for other members to enter.

Aqua Classes and Functional Classes
Due to restrictions in space and social distancing, there will be no functional classes on the cardio floor. We look forward to these classes recommencing as soon as possible.

Aqua Classes are planned but we are waiting on clarification for class sizes and any other restrictions. In the meantime, we will keep members informed on any developments as we receive further information.

Pool Use and Times
Pool Use will be permitted for lap swimming and walking. However, restrictions are in place to limit three persons per lane at any time. In this area, we will have 3-4 lanes open during trade. Once again, we ask that members respect social distancing measures and time spent in the pool.

The creche will be open Monday to Friday from 8.45am-1.00pm, and Saturday from 8.30am-12.30pm. There is a limit of 8 children at any given time in the creche and members must book in as no walk-ins will be permitted. Bookings can be made up to 24 hours prior. Please also note that all children will have their temperature checked when entering the creche, and if their temperature is high or they show any signs of being unwell (including runny nose or cough) they will not be able to attend. Due to current health guidelines and management of the space, there will be no eating, or changing of children permitted. However, we are pleased to inform you that they will be able to enjoy a sealed drink, but no sharing is permitted. Staff will monitor and manage this, for the health and safety of all children.

To assist with Group Fitness Classes and members’ payments and updates, we have launched our Online Members Access portal. This can be accessed via the club website or by clicking here. To start an account, members need to ensure that they have an active email on file. The initial setup is straightforward and only takes a few minutes

Click Here for a ‘how to’ guide

As more information becomes available, we will keep members informed of all new developments. If you have any questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will endeavour to assist as soon as possible.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you back to Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club.

Carl Pozzato
Chief Executive Officer