A low impact class, combining aerobic moves combined with some weight-bearing exercises, great for burning those extra calories. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


Improves flexibility, muscle tone and general state of mind. Ideal for all levels of fitness, it is the perfect complement to your current fitness routine.


A combination of age-old techniques of stretching, breathing, challenging postures and relaxation for health development inside and out. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


(Essential Pilates) This class covers the essential and fundamental elements, principles and postures used in the Pilates Method. It consists of a combination of stretching, toning & Pilates postures. A relaxing mind/body class with a touch of Tai Chi to suit all fitness levels.


This class covers essential and fundamental elements, principles and postures, allowing progression to intermediate levels. A mind/body class to suit all levels that will enhance your existing training programs and give you a deeper understanding of the importance of your ‘core'.


A low intensity program to increase functional strength, fitness and general wellbeing. Suitable for those with diabetes, are overweight, require rehabilitation, beginners, seniors or those just wishing to work at a lighter pace. Wear something that you will be comfortable to exercise in.